Exhibitor Booking

To exhibit at our 2021 Virtual fair covering the whole of Scotland we ask you to complete the booking form below.

We have kept prices at an affordable level to help as many local, independant businesses as possible. We anticipate a high volume of interest from exhibitors so encourage you to book well in advance to avoid missing out on what will be a fantastic weekend.

When business types in each area reach capacity they will appear below

- Birth Preparation in all areas

- Hypnobirthing in all areas

- Photographer in East Scotland

- Sleep specialist in East Scotland


Frequently Asked Questions


Q - Do we offer payment plans?

A - No, as we have kept the investment required to a low amount we feel the admin needed would not be feesible.

Q - What if my business sector is at capacity in my area when I book?

A - We aim to update the business types that are closed on a daily basis. If however you book before we can update the list we will contact you within 24 hours and issue a full refund.

Q - When will the pre-fair exhibitor information session take place?

A - The session will take place virtually on Saturday 13th February and remain open until Monday 15th February. This will give exhibitors the chance to view the platform, get familiar with logging in and the functions as well as seeing how their booth will look. Anyone hosting a session will be given the opportunity to trial going live over the weekend so they can be confident using this platform for the fair.

Q - Do I need to be actively sitting on my computer for the full weekend of the fair?

A - No, while we do recommend that your booth is 'manned' between 10am and 4pm on both days. Provided your booth has enough information on your services, how to book and / or purchase then if you feel comfortable you can leave your booth running and pick up questions after the fair. All booths have their own chat logs and each exhibitor will be given their logs once the fair is over to reach out to their leads.