6 Newborn Sleep Survival Tips

If you are an expectant parent wondering what to expect with your newborn’s sleep, then this one is for you!

Newborn sleep can be unpredictable, frustrating and exhausting. It’s really important to have realistic expectations with newborn sleep as it’s unlikely that routine will become fully established until closer to the 4 month mark. At this young age, frequent feeds mean that new babies are sleeping little and often to allow milk top ups throughout the day and at night.

Check out my 6 Newborn Sleep Survival tips to help you establish healthy sleep habits with your little one!


Start a basic bedtime routine with the same few steps in the same order every evening. A bath or wash, change clothes, milk feed, story or song and down for sleep.


Creating a rhythmic flow to the day will help set your baby’s sleep patterns. Starting the day in a well-lit environment, milk time, play time, nap time, repeat! Rhythmicity makes a great foundation for sleep.


If your baby is never exposed to her sleep space, never placed down for even a few moments and no change in soothing attempts are made - they won’t have a chance to develop key skills. A little practice goes a long way. It is only practice. We don’t expect them to actually do it yet.

Feed on waking

It’s easy to slip into a habit of feeding right before sleeps but this leads to some negative sleep associations and digestive discomfort. A rhythm of feeding upon waking, an activity and then sleep is a great flow to adopt with your baby.

Sleep space

Having a place specifically for your baby to sleep and giving them little exposures to laying in this space, even if not for long, will prove highly beneficial a few months down the line.


An actual bedtime helps to set the body clock so even if you know your baby will wake for a feed in 3 hours’ time, still go ahead with a bedtime routine and create baby’s bedtime rather than keep him up with you all evening.

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