Behind the Brand - Biau Biau

Biau Biau make eco-conscious clothing for babies and children up to 5 years of age. We aim to produce unique and comfortable kid's wear which is durable and lovely to wear.

Exhibitor – Andrea Boros

Business Name – Biau Biau

Position in the Business – Owner / Creator

How did the business start?

After my son was born, I realised how boring most baby clothes can be. Lots of pastel colours and tedious patterns but I wanted to make a little change, so I started to make my own clothes for him which I carefully selected from brightly coloured organic cotton jersey fabrics with playful, funny patterns to create comfortable yet trendy clothing. I became so fond of working with the quality organic fabrics and sewing my one of a kind designs that I wanted to share them. I will gladly welcome custom requests as well.

What is your favourite part of the business?

I love to browse for hours finding the perfect fabrics, then matching the ribbing materials and threads. It still amazes me to see how a sheet of fabric transforms into a piece of clothing!

I love the fabrics too and only use organic cotton jersey fabric to help to reduce the amount of harmful substances that come into contact with children's skin. It has allowed me to become eco-friendlier as well.

How do you spend your time away from work?

I like reading books when I have the time and I love to cook for my companion. We also enjoy travelling as a family.

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