Behind the Brand - Diana Baker Photography

Natural, simple, stunning photographs of your family are items that every mother will treasures. Diana's photographs will capture those small delicate features of your baby that you as a mum will want to hold on for the years to come.

Exhibitor – Diana

Business Name – Diana Baker Photography

Position in the Business – Owner / Photographer

How did the business start?

Having been in the photography industry for 18 years I have photographed 1000's of families, but now that I am a Mum myself it means so much more.

What is your favourite part of the business?

While I LOVE what I do and look forward to every session, it is my new-born sessions that fill me with the most joy (even though 9 times out of 10 I get pooed on hahaha). It is the idea of a new story that is just beginning. I don't know who this little person is going to be, I might have a future Astronaut, Prime Minister, or the next Picasso. Life is long and windy, and these brand-new little people will live on after I have gone and will shape our futures in amazing ways. So every time I meet a brand new baby I think...and what will you do with this blessed life of yours?

What is your funniest moment in the business?

Catching a new Dad fast asleep on my couch snoring his head off, best thing ever!

The best thing is I have every funny moment that happens in my studio photographed so weather it is a one year old pulling a funny face or Dad getting pooed on by his new-born. I have it all!!

How do you spend your time away from work?

It sounds so cliché but between work and busy life in general, what I love the most is quiet time sitting around home just hanging out with my family. Life is so busy and now that I am a Mum all I want to do is sit and look at my daughter because I am still totally baffled as to how I made someone so perfect. (Totally bias #sorrynotsorry)

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