Behind the Brand - DoddleBags

DoddleBags are an eco-friendly product created to help lessen our reliance on single use plastics and conceived in response to our increasingly mobile and active lifestyles. A healthier way to manage our hectic lives which is better for us and the planet. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality, most versatile and best priced product in this arena. They contain no nasties and are dishwasher, microwave and freezer friendly.

Exhibitor - Margie Frew

Business Name - DoddleBags

Position in the Business - Marketing / Strategic Partner

How did the business start?

Inspired by a mother’s own need to create easy meals on the go that did not impact environmental waste and insured only the healthiest food was provided to her kids.

Our users then started sending us ideas and images of the hundreds of other ways they found DoddleBags made their life easier and it has grown from there to start a whole line of Doddle products.

Why did you join the company?

After working for a family magazine, I saw a lot of products that said they made life simpler but I often felt they were just more kit we did not need. More things with a time line of use and to throw out after 6 or 9 months. DoddleBags made sense from not only a longevity and health issue but an environmental issue. We need to change how we live and lessen our impact on the environment. This product helps us in all areas of our life and does not add to landfill.

Favourite part of the business?

The enthusiasm of our partners and clients and working with my amazing colleagues.

Memorable moment in business?

Spending a day making Doddle cocktails for our social media using DoddleBags to show you can use them for ANYthing! (and taste testing them all afterwards!)

How do you spend your time away from work?

Walking the Thames River Path in London (where I live) a few mornings a week with a friend - clearing my head and enjoying the scenes on the river - in the city but close to nature

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