Behind the Brand - Kids Rule Interiors

I help busy parents by creating organised, fun and inspiring spaces in which families can thrive. I provide online E-Design packages for children's rooms, playrooms, nurseries and family rooms. My background as a nursery practitioner means I have a unique take on designing spaces for children. Having an organised space of their own helps children to develop confidence, social skills and a sense of ownership which I want to encourage through my work.

Exhibitor – Dominique

Business Name – Kids Rule Interiors

Position in the Business – Founder

How did the business start?

I'd been considering it for many years and having assisted lots of friends design their nurseries I decided that I had a skill that others can benefit from.

What is your favourite part of the business?

Seeing the client's reaction to my work.

Do you have a memorable moment in the business?

My first client! Exciting and terrifying and the children loved their rooms, so it worked out perfectly.

How do you spend your time away from work?

I love visiting castles with my family and running along ramparts brandishing a (foam) sword being a knight!

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