Behind the Brand - Little Legs Baby Kilts

Little Legs Baby Kilts offers bespoke, handmade kilts for babies and toddlers in a range of tartans. Along with kilts we stock many accessories including sporrans, flashes, shirts & waistcoats; everything you need to dress your little one for that special occasion. We have recently added a range of tartan trews to our collection.

Exhibitor - Laura

Business Name - Little Legs Baby Kilts

Position in the Business - Owner

How did the business start?

I made a kilt for my little boy for a wedding and when others asked me for one, I realised I could turn my love for textiles and sewing from a hobby to a business. It meant I could work from home and be flexible to the needs of caring for my 2 children. We now send kilts all over the world.

What is your favourite part of the business?

The gorgeous photos that customers send me back! Without a doubt!

What is your funniest memory in the business?

The man who very nervously admitted that he wanted to buy a bib, only it was for his dog. He was very worried about offending me, but it happens all the time.

How do you spend your time away from the studio?

On a day to day basis I run a local job club for Christians Against Poverty and I just love to get alongside people and help them realise their potential. It keeps me sane when I'm alone in the studio the other days!

I am also passionate about Orkney. I love to visit there, read about it, and would love to live there one day.

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