Behind the Brand - Lothian Childcare Solutions

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

Lothian Childcare Solutions are the first childcare agency to be based in East Lothian, providing a wide range of childcare services. They offer high quality, responsive & flexible childcare solutions with the family’s needs at the heart of every decision.

Exhibitor – Pamela Cormack

Business Name – Lothian Childcare Solutions

Position in the Business – Director

Why did the business start?

Following a change in my own family circumstances I struggled to find suitable childcare that was flexible with the long days and travelling that was required of me by my employer (the Care Inspectorate). As one of four inspectors over Scotland inspecting Childcare Agencies, I saw myself in an ideal situation to provide a quality childcare agency in the Lothians. I could see lots of other families struggling for childcare solutions and I wanted to use my experience and knowledge to help.

Favourite part of the business?

I love going to meet new the families for the first time. It’s important to ensure I match them perfectly with the best worker available for their needs. Equally I love meeting and interviewing all the candidates. I have been blown away by the range of skills, personalities and commitment of the workers I have.

What is your funniest memory since starting your business?

When my son and his wee friend play at 'offices'. They get the old laptops out and their fake mobile telephones and pretend they are 'The British Childcare Solutions'. It makes me laugh (and cringe). One day I overheard them making a booking for a babysitter, my son said "oh, I am not sure if you have 30 children...oh hang on we will do it, but it will be £1000 and the babysitter likes chocolate."

How do you spend your time away from work?

When I’m not working my time is spent with my son Matthew. He is my absolute world. He is great company along with my mad dog Barney. We all usually spend our weekends outdoors, exploring lots of new places. We love our holidays too, and like to visit different places, taking road trips and exciting adventures together.

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