Behind the Brand - Nurture The Play

Here at Nurture the Play we like to keep things simple, natural and family led. We like to get outdoors or bring the outdoors in, get messy and most of all learn through play. We use heuristic play and open-ended resources to allow the children the opportunity to expand their creativity. Every session is geared to be a social occasion for the parents as we provide refreshments and a chance for them unwind in adult company.

Exhibitor – Amber

Business Name – Nurture the Play

Position in the Business – Owner

How did the business start?

Nurture the Play organically grew from the mum meets I had started whilst taking time out from work to be with my children.

I have a background in managing Early Education and Child Care. After having my son at 17, I decided to start a career in childcare so I was able to give my son the best chance in life, I wanted to make sure that just because I was a young mum, he wasn't going to miss out. Working with children isn't just a career for me, it is my passion and makes me thankful for giving me the drive to achieve.

What is your favourite part of the business?

My favourite part is watching a child master a new skill, whether it be a baby who manages to crawl or a pre-schooler who learns the number line, it just makes me feel so proud of them.

What is your funniest memory in the business?

Nothing that I can repeat in public, but children tell us the funniest things about their home life. Some are not a true reflection on reality but the child's view of an event, and they can make us chuckle.

How do you spend your time away from work?

As a family we love to explore Edinburgh on foot and as a free woman I love a porn star martini from Tonic.

To find out more about Nurture the Play, when their next play sessions are and how to join in the fun, follow Amber on social media @nurturetheplay