Mental Health for New Parents

Being a new parent is such a wonderful stage, but it can also be hard. Our mental health is something we should all be encouraged to look after.

Having been through the ‘new parent’ stage three times now and experienced my own mental health fraying at times I thought I’d share some simple tips to help other new parents care for their own mental health

· Have A Support Network - Don’t forget to ask for help when you need it.

· Accept Help When Offered - Yes, we are Supermums (& Superdads) but that doesn’t mean we can’t have help from time to time.

· Look After Yourself - Take some ‘me’ time and find time to relax.

· Get Enough Sleep - If you can then sleep when the baby does. Sleep deprivation really does take its toll.

· Don’t Compare Yourself To Others - No two babies are the same and no two journeys into parenthood will be the same. Some babies crawl early while others bum shuffle until they walk, your experience is unique to your family and should be treasured.

· Its OK To Not Be OK! - Don’t hide it, speak to someone, speak to anyone. There is so much help and support out there but until you put your hand up it won’t be offered.

This advice (along with alot of others bits) was given to me when I was a new parent and it can make such a difference in the early days. The key thing is to look after yourself and if you feel overwhelmed then seek help out. There are so many great local organisations out there including Juno and HomeStart who can support you and your new family.