What's in a name?

As a society we have names for all sorts of things. In fact, for everything. If we don’t know the name for it or don’t yet have a name for it, then we give it a name. Even if we have to make one up.

How do you decide on a name for the most precious little person that is about to join you on the next part of your journey? This is a BIG decision, and one that shouldn’t be rushed. After all, this is the name that your child will have for the rest of their life! So, although it might seem like a good idea to call them Annette Curtain or Joe King or even to name them after your favourite singer, stop for a minute and think how your child will feel during their school years or in 30 years’ time when introducing themselves to someone new.

With so many names to choose from, where do you start? Is there are a tradition in your family whereby the first child is named after their grandparent? Is that a tradition that you want to follow? Is there a name that you have always liked or been drawn to? Have there been a couple of people in your life who have meant the world to you and you want to make a new name by joining their names together? Is there a name that you particularly like due to the meaning behind the name? Do you want to choose a name that obviously defines your child as a boy or a girl, or choose one that can be suitable for either? Wow, so much to consider! These are all questions that you might think about when choosing this very important part of your child’s life.

As for me, I confess that I didn’t like my name when I was younger. So much so that I wanted to change it. I even tried to insist that my family use my new chosen name! Needless to say, that didn’t work out too well. Many years later, on becoming a parent myself, I had to decide upon names for my own children. So, how did I go about choosing my children’s names? Well, that’s another story...

Why don’t you pop over and say hello to me at the Bonnie Bairn exhibition and you can tell me your story as we talk about everything to do with naming ceremonies.

Aileen Hendry Celebrant

Marking Life's Milestones