Feedback From Previous Fairs

Over the past two years Bonnie Bairn has held four Pregnancy & Family fairs in Central Scotland, welcoming over 150 exhibitors and hundreds of local families.


We are delighted to receive so much positive feedback from our fairs and have a high rate of returning exhibitors and recommendations between local business networks.


Exhibitor Feedback


The Bonnie Bairn Fair is a fantastic event to be a part of. We have really enjoyed meeting prospective clients, current clients and other businesses over previous years, and are looking forward to future Fairs.


The event was great from our perspective, we definitely needed the space we had if not more! We had a steady stream of children playing and queries about our classes, parties & events

It was lovely to meet you on Sunday and thank you for having us at your event. The event was very successful for us with lots of interest in my business and lots of books sold.

Deby was great throughout the planning and prep for the Fair. Everything seemed to run smoothly on the day, thank you for planning such a fantastic event

Lilymae's Lovely Library

Cherrytree Nursery

Visitor Feedback

Very enjoyable fair and environment with lots of interesting stalls. I really enjoyed the fair and was really glad I went. Thank you.

It was great to see so many local businesses and find out about ones I hadn't heard of. The talks were also great.

This was my first experience of this type of fair and I was impressed by the range of exhibitors, mix of demonstrations and by the hosting of the event. The atmosphere and environment was fantastic for exhibitors and those attending.

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