Fair Program

Taster Sessions & Activities

10.20am    Baby Sensory

Spring Showers

A fun filled, early learning session discovering the wonderful world of weather.

Suitable for Parents with babies under 1 year

10.20am   Bumblebee Sports

Bumblebee Sports Taster

A taster of activities from within a Bumblebee sports class. Just bring your imagination.

Suitable for children aged 2yrs and over

11am          Babyballet

Babyballet Tots & Tinies

Introducing the basics of ballet with music, movement, props & instruments.

Suitable for toddlers from 6 months - 3 years

11am          Sweaty Mama

Sweaty Mama Taster

An interactive demonstration of how to exercise with your wee one in a Sweaty Mama class.

Suitable for Mama’s with children of all ages

11.40am    Waterbabies

Dry Swimming Lesson

An interactive session to show you some of the wonderful skills and toys used by Water Babies in their lessons.

Suitable for expecting parents & parents with babies under 1 year

11.40am    Step It Up Dance

Family Hip Hop

Join your child and enjoy this fun and funky form of dance together with loads of laughs along the way.

Suitable for Parents with children aged 18 months - 5 years

12.20am    Lingotot

Little Lingotot Spanish Session

Have great fun learning Spanish with your little one in a lively and interactive session with songs, props & stories.

Suitable parents with children under 3 years

12.20pm    DN Dance Babies

An Introduction to Movement & Dance for Toddlers

Using a combination of music & imagination, come on a magical adventure with Della Duck & Raphie Ram.

Suitable for walking to 2 years

1pm            Baby Sensory

Spring Showers

A fun filled, early learning session discovering the wonderful world of weather.

Suitable for Parents with babies under 1 year

1.10pm      Safe Hands First Aid Training

Emergency Lifesaving Skills for Paediatric First Aid

Baby and child Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) skills, including how to manage choking in infants & babies

Suitable for All Parents

1.40pm      Music Bugs

 Music Bugs Play & Music Session

An active play-based music session packed full of nursery rhymes, songs, dancing and lots more

Suitable for children 0 - 5 years

2pm           Gentle Beginnings

GroovaRoo Dance

A baby wearing, soul line dancing session, for bonding with baby, having fun and getting some gentle exercise

Suitable for Parents with babies & toddlers.

· Carrier required, either a stretchy wrap or wide based carrier

2.20pm      Lingotot

Little Lingotot Mandarin Session

Have great fun learning Mandarin with your little one in a lively and interactive session with songs, props & stories

Suitable parents with children under 3 years

Talks & Workshops

10.20am     Safe Sleep Scotland

What Do We Mean When We Say Safe Sleep?

An interactive session around Safe Sleep practice and how we can reduce the risks of Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy

Suitable for All

10.20am    The Daisy Foundation

5 Top Tips for a Positive 4th Trimester

You’ve prepared for birth but what about life with baby? Come and learn how to navigate those early days of parenthood

Suitable for Expecting Parents.

11am          Diana Baker Photography

Take Better Photos with Your Phone

Simple, easy, practical techniques from a professional photographer that will make your everyday photos pop and become lifelong treasures.

Suitable for All

11am          Turtle Tots

Preparing for Babies First Swim

A talk about the benefits of baby swimming, what to expect, and how to get the most from your experience

Suitable for Expecting and New Parents

11.40am    Sarah Holden

Pregnancy & Postnatal Fitness

A guide to safe exercises both during & following pregnancy. Including the do’s and don'ts throughout all 3 trimesters.

Suitable for All

11.40am    Positive Birth Scotland

Hypnobirthing, Why I Wouldn't Give Birth Without It'

The basics of Hypnobirthing & why learning these techniques can help you achieve a positive & peaceful birth

Suitable for Expecting Parents.

12.20          Fairy Sleep Mother

Sleep Success with Fairy Sleep Mother

Knowledge is power, find out what you need to know about successful sleep for your family!

Suitable for All

12.30pm    The Sensory Sessions

Sensory Development and Play

Exploring your baby’s senses including some play ideas that you can do at home

Suitable for All

1pm           Sing and Sign

Baby Signing for You & Your Family

Learn how baby signing can boost communication, reduce frustration and enrich your relationship with your wee one

Suitable for All

1.10pm      Canny Mum

Things to Consider When Choosing Baby Wipes

Looking at the health and environmental cost of baby wipes, including a demonstration on making the purest homemade wet wipes

Suitable for All

1.50pm      Mamas & Papas

An Expert Guide on Car Seat Safety

All the car seat essentials including choosing the correct group seat, ISOFIX and the recommendation for extended rear facing seats

Suitable for All

1.50pm      Hypopressive Scotland

Hypopressive ABC - Alignment, Breath & Core

Understand how your posture can make a difference to during pregnancy and your postnatal health.

Suitable for All

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